Web Services

Prescience Communications has developed two distinct types of expertise over the years - real-time communications, and asynchronous communications. Internet communications have always been an important part of our work. We now offer a range of services, ranging from our ISP services (we can host your domain and let you manage your own Intyernet services), or our content-management systems, video streaming or website services. Some of our services are described below.

Communications-Rich Websites

We provide a complete client website development service, where we examine with you your Internet needs and design for you a web strategy that meets those needs, and develop a web site that can deliver. The websites we have developed for clients are communications-rich in one way or another. For example, you may

  • have a need to have clients log in to a protected area of your site and have access to documents specific to their relationship with you;
  • or you may have a need to take database items (such as the address of suppliers) and make them available to users of your website in a convenient search interface;
  • or you may with users of your website to work together in groups; or you may have clients internationally who would need to read all of the contents of the website in their own language;
  • or you may wish to develop a web presence that also directly links with an online training environment for staff;
  • or you may wish to connect to your site a number of external features such as a meetings scheduler or a professional web calendar tool.

Content-Management Web Presence - Drupal

Our web tool of choice is Drupal, a content-management system that makes it possible for you to work with databases and to have multiple levels of access allowed to your website environment.

Online Learning Tool - Moodle

We extensively use Moodle, an object-oriented based online learning environment that allows you to host online training materials to the same standards as a university or college. You develop your expertise in Moodle by running courses on our Moodle training website www.vcclas.co.uk .

Server/Hosting Services

We provide web hosting, domain hosting and server hosting. We can develop your web site and host it on our server, offering you complete control of email usernames and passwords as well as a host of server-side tools. We can also offer you a safe environment where you can be experimental with tools such as Second-Life or Mahara on one of our servers. We can also set you up with a complete, bespoke server of your own.

Video Streaming

We offer a complete video-streaming service to complement our videoconferencing work. So now, it is not only possible for you to have videoconferencing links, but you can also stream your event to the Internet and allow others to watch the proceedings without being able to ask questions or interrupt. Unless you would like people to be able to send questions in to the conference, and have a facilitator address them at an appropriate part of the proceedings.

Internet Videoconferencing

We can set up, and even host, Internet Communications clients for you, using Cisco Movi, or Skype, or Microsoft Lync or Ekiga. We can develop bespoke training for your organisation and can move it to your own training environment or host it on our training website.

Other Web Services

We can offer you online cloud services and managed the services for you. For example, you may be interested in a robust blogging environment in Wordpress or Nucleus or b2evolution; or you may be interested in hosting your own calendar management system, with a mix of private and public viewing and sharing options; or you may be interested in collaborative project management tools; or online chat helpdesk service. We have the server capacity and expertise to develop, host and manage such services for you.

Contact Us

If you would like to see the full range of our Internet Services Portfolio, or to arrange a discussion of how we can help with your Internet requirements, please contact us via our online form .