Video Streaming

Scotwest Credit Union, is the largest Credit Union in Scotland. Its common bond covers the city of Glagow, the Western Isles, and towns and Cities South of the Clyde as far as Dumfries. Since 2009 e have been helping Scotwest Credit Union to stream their Annual General Meeting on to the Internet and to allow members of the Credit Union to log in to a secure site, watch the proceedings of the meeting, and send in any questions they may have over a contact form on a Drupal Web Site.

The Top Table, Scotwest AGM 2009

The Internet service requires that the video of the event is streamed live to our broadcast server and then dispersed across the Internet to the allowed connections at an appropriate speed.

Preparing To Speak

We provide all equipment, technical support on the day of the link, video services and website services to make the communications a success and reports of activity.

Rod Ashley presenting at AGM 2011

How We Can Help You

If you are interested in Video Streaming, or Webinars, we can:

  1. Perform a Feasibility Study
  2. Help You Scope out a Suitable Solution
  3. Integrate the Live Event with a Web Presence
  4. Manage the Event on Our Servers
  5. Feedback and Analysis of the Event