Early Projects


1.UN International day of co-operatives, 1999-2001. Focussing on co-operatives in Africa. Link to Wittswatersrand University in South Africa (to Dr Kenneth Kaunda) and India resulted in project proposal to the department for International Development that was successful. This conference was at Glasgow University, we had a focussed agenda and online support, and was attended by Cathy Jamieson, the current education secretary. The 2000 year’s links were opened by Wendy Alexander, MSP; and the 1999 conference was linked with the Co-operative College. The venue for 1999 was Robert Owen's “Institute for the Formation of Character” at New Lanark. The 2000 Conference ran from the New Lanark Mill.
2.Volunteer Development Scotland – Prescience was invited to find 3 international links for UN Year of the Volunteer at the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow. Prescience sourced remote studios and made links to Rio De Janeiro, Cork and Leuven for the conference, managed the links and facilitated bridging. The event a facilitated by Lesley Riddoch, radio presenter and journalist, and was a big success.
3.Jubilee 2000 – found a suitable conferencing venue in Edinburgh for Jubilee 2000, and hosted their windup conference which ran between Edinburgh City Chambers and Augustine United Church on George IV Bridge in Edinburgh.
4.Word 2003, Literary Festival in Aberdeen. Linked American poet-laureate, Billy Collins and UK poet-laureate, Andrew Motion into Alan Spence's Word Festival in Aberdeen. Event reported well in Scotland on Sunday, and Sunday Herald. Billy Collins memorable wrote about his experiences (in a tongue in cheeky way) in the Harper-Collins book, “Mortifications”. I like the quote, and there's something in it... I may post it up.
5.Prepared St Augustine United church for videoconference and organized a videolink involving Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Tel Aviv and Nazareth to hear from Azmi Bishara. This was a breakthrough event for the church, which was attended by MSPs Margot MacDonald and John MacAllion. We facilitated the links, the bridges and the interactions. The event was one of three large-scale events that were covered by the national press.
6.Prescience brought Dr Kaunda into the Borders Africa day conference at Kelso High School, which was where our relationship with Douglas Angus started.
7.CWS Scotland Equipment Installation, Training and Followup: oversaw purchase and installed the equipment. Provided user and system support training and managed membership meetings.


1.CWS Scotland Communications Policy Document – submitted proposal for work, provided report of how ICT might be used to improve communications within the organisation and suggested equipment and strategies for its deployment.
2.EKC Technology East Kilbride – 2002. Strategy, Consultancy. We recommended equipment and projects that the company could pursue in working closer with colleagues in the USA and Japan.
3.Consultancy work for Glasgow City Council (GCC), videoconferencing in secondary schools. Prescience evaluated proposed videoconferencing equipment for Project 2002. Evaluation and report led to alternative
4.Skye and Lochalsh Council for Local Voluntary Organisation: Recommended equipment, installed it and provided training in its use and for its maintenance.
5.Videoconferencing for Specialist Educational Needs, 2002 and 2003.
6.equipment being installed in 29 Glasgow Secondary Schools. In 2003, Prescience trained all Glasgow school technicians to support videoconferencing, and introduced possibilities to teachers.
7.Proposed a new way of working for outreach workers between Specialist Educational Units and Primary Schools, as well as proposed equipment and suggested projects. These suggestions were taken up.
8.Admit Design Systems Limited – helped engineering company explore meetings with USA. Provided a report on the possibilities of videoconferencing from their premises, and costs involved. Brought in equipment for 2 videoconferencing meetings to Texas, recommended equipment, supplied the equipment and provided training – presentation skills and system support.


1.Training for Co-operative Wholesale Society in use of newly purchased videoconferencing equipment.
2.Training for Uist Council for Voluntary Organisations throughout the Western Isles, Summer of 2003, a tour of voluntary organisations from Barra to Stornoway over the course of the week.
3.Consultancy and installation of videoconferencing for schools in Scottish Borders, 2002 and 2003. Train the Trainers session for teachers to provide the training on their own.


1.Development of website for United Nations International Day of Co-operatives, July 2003, for International Co-operative Alliance. From September 2002, maintenance of website. This work developed from our work with Scottish Co-op in 1999, 2000 and 2001.
2.Communications Website II: Equal Exchange Trading Limited – helped Equal Exchange to define a web identity and then support their operations from the Internet. Developed a complex site, linking store addresses with the live site, and integrating a search with postcode map. A graphical search engine in the site is used to navigate a map of the UK and find stores in each postal area. Search can also be made on the towns. The site was designed to be used on first world and third world browsers. Simple animations are included and metaphors to separate products from producers.
3.Communications Website III: Jubilee 2000 – a discussion forum cum website designed to support the wind-up conference of Jubilee 2000 in Scotland. The discussion document of the steering group was made available to Jubilee 2000 supporters online, and online discussion ensued and comments passed back to the steering committee.