Classroom Without Walls


Since 2008, Prescience Communications has been a Trusted Educational Content-Provider on the Joint Academic Network (JANET) Videoconference Service. We have been pioneering real-world links that suit the school curriculum. We have innovated methods of educational videoconferencing work, and our work has been reported locally (in Edinburgh), Nationally (in Scotland) and Internationally (across the UK, and in Europe).

As if by Magic

Inside Looking Out, Outside Looking In

We live in a complex, highly inter-connected world. We seek modern means to achieve result similar to those achieved by Robert Owen at New Lanark in his "Institute for the Formation of Character". Owen's aspirations were as high as those of the authors of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, who have described education as "capacity building", with the four specific goals of producing as a result young people who are: confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

Robert Owen's factory was open to the school classrooms, people came in to visit the school and could watch lessons, young people at the school engaged in a great deal of collaborative work. Such aspirations are appropriate for educational videoconferencing. But there are others - we could ask that the world around our schools develops a means of showing how it works on a daily basis to young people who are still at school. We are in search of worlds of open-knowledge that are willing to interface with school pupils.

How Prescience Can Help You

Prescience Communications offers support in the following ways:

  • Scoping, objectives setting and educational assessment creation – development of
    reasonable workloads and instruments of assessment for project-work in real-world educational contacts
  • Training for schools and support in videoconferences – crucial technical and
    pedagogical support in the use of videoconferencing for education
  • Training for organisations wishing to offer some of their content or working
    practices to schools – choosing suitable equipment, making links work, working within the curriculum
  • Educational Script development for video-links – development of link protocols that will
    serve the educational objectives
  • Generalisation work, outreach work investigating organisations that would want to link
    up educationally to the UK schools network

Real-World Links, Knowledge-Transfer, Educational Transitions

Prescience Communications has worked closely with Local Education Authorities - in the Borders, Glasgow, Edinburgh, The Western Isles - and Further and Higher Education Institutions, notably the University of the Highlands and Islands. If you would like to discuss how we can work with your Local Authority or Educational Institution, please do contact us via or online contact form.