Prescience Communications Limited was established in September 1998 by Dr Tom Kane. Tom's previous background had been Computer Science research and training. He has always worked in communications applications.

Dr Tom Kane

The projects that Prescience Communications has been involved in are often innovative uses of technology in situations where there is a complex problem of human communications.

Raisa Maximovna Leukemia Clinic Telemedicine Work

In Prescience Communications there are two core areas of our work - videoconferencing, or video contact work; and Internet Communications work, which involves the provision of web services, such as communications-rich websites, video-streaming and online learning.

We have always had our own videoconferencing studio. Our current studio is run in partnership with The Melting Pot, Edinburgh, which is Scotland's centre for social innovation, and is on Rose Street, in the heart of Edinburgh. We use two spaces at The Melting Pot, the smaller meeting room that will seat up to about 10 people comfortably; and the larger event space, which can accommodate up to about 100.

Because of our real-world educational work, we are a Trusted Educational Content Provider on the JANET Videoconferencing Service. It if from our studio space at The Melting Pot where most of this work has been done.

The Small Videoconferencing Studio at The Melting Pot

Over its history, Prescience Communications has been, essentially, a one-person consultancy, which has access to a range of partners who contribute design, training and consultancy expertise on a project by project basis.

Since 1st August 2014, a period of renovation begins. The company is adopting a new form that will allow co-operative partnerships to grow around a set of core principles.